Dara Zycherman





"Build your life around meaning ... and forget about the rest."


minimalist consultant | YOga Teacher | Songwriter

Intersecting passions, intersecting work and play

Through yoga, I center myself and look inward. Yoga practice allows me to build strength, explore my creativity, and find my true north. 

As a minimalist, I do this at home and through my business - Less Equals More. I help clients center themselves in order to downsize and organize their homes. I ensure their space reflects their values by focusing on their core.

With my space cleared, I can focus on one of my passions: music. I make music to exercise the creativity I strengthened during yoga and to put words and sounds to my life. Getting up to sing in front of an audience can be a bit overwhelming- like organizing a home or attempting a headstand. Putting ourselves out there brings an excitement to life, as risk tends to do.

Everyone has unanswered interests, hobbies, and passion projects that only have room to grow when there are less distractions. I encourage you to find your center and strengthen your core, through your body and mind, so you can clear out space in your home, create, and enjoy life.

Build your life around meaning.


Less Equals more

Minimalist Consultant + Organizer

I launched Less Equals More to help you simplify while enriching your life. Through downsizing and organizing your home, we focus on creating efficient and easy life systems. All this work begins at the core: What are your goals? What is your center? This fearless digging addresses emotional blocks, releases the past, and allows us to reconstruct a home space that supports your dreams and everyday needs.

When you do the real work and change your mindset, keeping an organized and simple home is easy. With less distraction, you have room for more meaning in your life.

I meet with clients in home or virtually, depending on the need. Follow my blog and subscribe to my newsletter for inspiration, perspective, strategies, and announcements. When you're ready to take the first step, contact me to set up your free initial consultation


With intention yoga

Yoga Teacher

Intention and awareness are the foundations of leading a simple life brimming with energy, fun, curiosity, and meaning. They are also the foundations of yoga. Through With Intention Yoga, I help guide you toward your core, build strength and energy, and be playful in your intentional practice.

Our bodies have the capacity to do so much but it takes practice. It also takes the ability to find your edge, and awareness to meet but not push past it. We can take care of ourselves while consistently expanding. I encourage my students to take all these skills off the mat.

I offer private lessons to individuals and small groups, and to organizations for wellness programs and events. I also created the Yoga + Minimalism: Connect to Your Core workshop.


Private lessons

For 1-2 people, tailored to your needs and at your home (or an outdoor venue of your choice!).


Corporate Lessons

For organizations that want to offer an introduction or regular classes to employees.

BreathWork Workshop

Paired up with vocal coach Ben Seidman, we combine yogic breathing and postures with vocal exercises- learn more.



Yoga And Minimalism Workshop

For yoga studios and other groups that wish to inspire their students and expand their educational offering.



Dara Z



Releasing my first album, "Fragments," was the output of my life stripped down to what matters most. I'd been writing songs for years but never gave it enough space in my life, until I finally did.

Just as in yoga, being aware of our breath is the key to singing. And from our core, comes the deep truth that we can tap into and transform into words and melodies. It's about doing the tough but meaningful work. 

I continue to create and perform music. Learn more on my music page, or follow me on Facebook


When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.
— Lao Tzu